Book Project – Unsung Heroes & Villains of the Silver Screen – About the Images

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As celebratory chronicles of Western movies, the images in UNSUNG HEROES & VILLAINS OF THE SILVER SCREEN encapsulate the grandeur and the glory of the American mythical Westerner, capturing the allure and mystique of the Old West. Significantly incorporating the complexion of stylized 19th- and early 20th-century portraiture, they are sensitively rendered in rare evocative tones and complex sepia patinas reminiscent of historical photographs taken in that period. With a deliberate melding of authentic props, wardrobe and pictorial magic, the images are set apart from contemporary studio photography.

The book will contain creative, rich and powerful visual representations with the camera searching into the nature of each actor, defining their diverse and auspicious personality, giving each portrait its special dimensions of inwardness and dignity.

Depictions of actors were chosen employing a collection strategy that valued formal portraiture and serious art. Each photograph is created for its intrinsic aesthetic value as well as for its sensitive match to others in the collection. The main strength of this engrossing and illuminating collection is the esoteric character actors on whom it shines attention.

These images are not created digitally in a rigid grid of binary code, but in the warm, human palette of true grey tones through genuine light and shadow depicted by silver-based emulsion. With greater tonal and extended dynamic range, these fine art photographs show more aesthetic subtleties and allow much more leeway to create mood and convey emotional depth. But beyond their expressive richness, they also capture more raw information, which allow more opportunities to touch the human soul.

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