Book Project – Unsung Heros & Villains of the Silver Screen

UNSUNG HEROES & VILLAINS OF THE SILVER SCREEN will be a coffee table book featuring Western portraits of some of Hollywood’s most respected and remembered character actors, many known from iconic Western movies. Significantly incorporating the complexion of stylized 19th- and early 20th-century portraiture, the photographs are sensitively rendered in rare evocative tones and complex sepia patinas reminiscent of historical images taken in that period. With a deliberate melding of authentic props, wardrobe and pictorial magic, the images are set apart from contemporary studio photography.

The purpose of this book is twofold—firstly to celebrate some of the great character actors, and secondly to capture the history in light of the mythology simultaneously proliferating through the years of great Westerns. At the heart of the Western, and not to be underestimated, were the character actors, whose faces you always remember and whose names you invariably forget. They are the unsung heroes of popular culture—chameleons, looking different in every film, fitting in wherever needed.

The completed volume of approximately 200 pages will contain 150 finely-printed, rich and powerful photographic plates. It will also include candid quotations, an insightful foreword describing the process by which the collection came into being, a lively preface and post-script, filmographies and biographies of the actors, and a list of contributors in the rear of the book.

The book will serve as an important resource on the history of American cinema for future generations and become a lively reference book for those who like Westerns or enjoy reading about Hollywood’s best-loved supporting players. It will awaken the memories in people’s hearts and also introduce them to those who did not have the benefit of knowing these wonderful heroes and villains of the cinema.

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